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Latinx Nights at the Austin Motel Pool

A biweekly exploration into the richness and depth of traditional and contemporary Latin Music: each gathering a different story to tell – each DJ a different storyteller. Tunes and stories you won’t find elsewhere.

Una exploración quincenal de la música latina – tradicional y contemporánea – en toda su riqueza y profundidad: cada evento cuenta una historia diferente y cada DJ escribirá su propio capítulo. Canciones y cuentos que no encontrarás por ningún otro lado. 

This summer at Austin Motel ~ with an assist from the DRUNKLUCK team~ we’re bringing the heat with ¡Cuéntame! an exploration of Latinx music from the diaspora.
Every other Wednesday at the pool – rotating DJs are spinning cumbia, bolero, chicha, hampeta, criolla, y más y más.
May 24: Orión García takes us to the tropical latitudes of Colombia with an intimate DJ set that highlights the rich and infinitely groovy Afro-Colombian musical traditions of criolla and champeta and features some of the choicest sound selections from the regions of Palenque and Cali.
Whatcha need to know:
Every other Wednesday starting May 10
6-9 PM
Free with RSVP
¡No te lo pierdas!